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Are you ready to start living life on your own terms? If yes, then it’s time for you to join us and start your own business or take your passion business to the next level, to give you the freedom and flexibility you desire in your life.

The “Stiletto Hustle Hub” is a coaching club designed for coaches, consultants and service-based professionals who want to create a sustainable lifestyle business that supports you to live your fun-filled life and run your dream business online 24/7, even if you are new to business.  

It’s time for you to rise up, share your message and attract more clients using the power of the internet.  Let’s do this together within our community of like-minded women in the “Stiletto Hustle Hub”.

Meet Your Community

Connect, network and collaborate with a group of like-minded women offline and online to support and empower each other.

Boss Lady Systems

Learn the necessary business skills, master technology and create a lifestyle business that works on automation as your 24/7 sales machine.

Live Your Dream Life

Finally, have the confidence to make the changes in your life and create the freedom you have been dreaming about.

What our members are saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our members do the talking!




Lauza Loistl – Certified Relationship & Love Coach for Women

Really great. My intention is to be visible as the breath expert that I am. Tracy is very inspiring with her way of being. I completely get her true intention to support her community. She was very generous with her information tonight. She is so experienced with social media and online marketing, it was very inspiring and supportive to be part of the group – with a great sense of inclusion from everyone on the call. It was brilliant. I will be here again.

Beatrice Garoche

Rebirther, Life & Breath Coach, Free Your Breath

Joining this group was one of the best things I have done in….forever! I was met with such warmth, not only from Tracy but the others in the conversation. I love the fact it’s a small group. It made me feel able to interact, opposed to just listening. The information I received was priceless. The simple act of sharing your dream with like minded people and getting positive and motivating feedback left me with such a great feeling. I felt something, I thought may have died within me spring back to life. That feeling was hope. I feel fantastic about moving forward and creating something for myself and even better knowing I have the support of so many knowledgeable ladies! Thank you so much Tracy xxx

Aimy Agginie

Awesome coaching by Tracy.  She took the time to explain the concept and made sure we understood what was expected of us. The pace was just right and the Skype session got me thinking of new ideas and ways of working.

Morondya Baxter

Become a member of the “Stiletto Hustle Hub” and start implementing these business strategies right away


Gain clarity about your ideal clients and know how best to serve and solve their problems


Connect with other like-minded, heart-centred female entrepreneurs


Learn how to join the dots to automating your business


Adopt the mindset strategies you need to thrive as a female entrepreneur in a modern world


Build an online presence that is authentically YOU!


Create an online marketing strategy that provides value and attracts quality leads interested in your products and services


Develop the necessary skills to build your list consistently


Create an authority blog filled with quality content to drive traffic to your products or services


Create your own signature services that is an expression of your unique offerings  


Create your own community of fans you love and much more …

Membership £27 p/mth

Business building resources to grow your business every month


Audio class

Video Tutorial

Checklists & Templates

Private Facebook Group


Network and collaborate with like-minded women at our inspirational and fun

Stiletto Millionaires Meetup Events

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